Google Doodle: Just Few Clicks To Make Your Mother Feel Special Today


With the entire world under lockdown due to COVID-19 this year, Google has come up with a unique idea to brighten up the Mother’s Day celebration ( May 10) while practising social distancing.

It has introduced an interactive doodle, allowing users to create a heartwarming card for their mothers on this special day.

With the new doodle, one can design a custom card by just clicking on it. One click on the doodle and it will take you to a new page with various design options.

The options include stars, hearts made from glue and glitter, a turtle made from a paper plate, and more.

google doodle mother's day

After designing the card, just copy the link or share it on social media platforms.

Google while explaining the creative idea wrote: “All that glitters is not gold, but sometimes it comes in handy. Whether they’re near or far, make Mom a little piece of art from your heart in today’s interactive, digital card-maker Doodle. Happy Mother’s Day!”

Google came up with this interactive idea because following an increase in searches for homemade Mother’s Day cards and virtual gift ideas, it added.

The doodle has been illustrated by lead artist Alyssa Winans.

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