Hooked To Netflix? Know The Damage You Are Causing

Most of us have got hooked to Netflix and other OTT platforms to watch a variety of content, including a plethora of web series, especially during the coronavirus-induced prolonged lockdown last year.

But do we ever think whether binging on Netflix or Amazon Prime is harmful?

A study by scientists at the Royal Society in UK has found that high definition (HD) video streaming on a smartphone generates eight times more emissions than standard definition (SD).

That’s as harmful to our planet as cars emitting carbon monoxide and other toxins are to plants, India Today reported.

Another research, conducted by Maxime Efoui-Hess of Shift Project, revealed that watching a 30-minute show on a streaming app emits as much carbon dioxide as driving 6 km in a car.

Researchers have urged regulators that streaming resolution be limited and SD be set as default so as to reduce carbon emission and combat climate change.

“Arguably decisions on limiting streaming resolution should be taken by platforms and regulators, rather than consumers,” the report suggested, adding that the digital sector’s contribution to global emission ranges from 1.4% to 5.9%.

Netflix, however, is not convinced with the two studies.

They have claimed that an hour’s streaming on its platform leads to emission which is equivalent to less than 100 gms of carbon dioxide, which is less than what a 6 km car drive would result in.

According to Wired, Netflix used a tool named ‘DIMPACT’, which has been developed by University of Bristol researchers.

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