Kumar Sanu Asks Son Jaan Kumar Sanu To Use His Mother’s Surname

Mumbai: Post the ‘Bigg Boss 14’ stint, Bollywood Singer Kumar Sanu wants his son Jaan Kumar Sanu to change his name and use his mother’s surname instead.

During an interview with Times Of India, Kumar Sanu stated that as Jaan considers Rita Bhattacharya (Kumar Sanu’s ex-wife) as both his mom and dad, then he should use his mother’s surname instead of his.

“I’ve heard him say in his interviews and also in the Bigg Boss house that his mother is his mom and dad for him. I appreciate his respect for his mom, and I believe in giving even more respect to his mother. He should write his name as Jaan Rita Bhattacharya, not Jaan Kumar Sanu because, firstly, Ritaji has done a lot for him, and secondly, people will start comparing him with me, which is not good for him as a newcomer,” said the singer.

Jaan was a child when his parents Kumar Sanu and Rita Bhattacharya got divorced.

Jaan claimed that his dad was not in touch with him all these years and he never helped him to get work in the industry.

“My father has never been a part of my life. I have no idea why he never supported or promoted me as a singer – you can ask him why. Initially, he had uploaded a video on social media regarding my upbringing, and then there was another one supporting my work, so, I believe he has mixed feelings for me,” Jaan told TOI.

Responding to Jaan’s claim, Kumar Sanu said, “He asked me to call a few industry people who I know. I called Mukesh Bhatt Ji, Ramesh Taurani Ji, and a few others, and Jaan went to meet them, but now it’s up to them if they want to give him work. In fact, when Jaan wanted to be a part of some of my live concerts, I let him join me for a few.”

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