Lockdown Creativity: Odisha Filmmaker Produces ‘Made In Isolation’ 


Bhubaneswar: The nationwide lockdown has brought out the best creative talent in the country. Pushing the envelope is  multi-award winning independent filmmaker Amartya Bhattacharyya. 

He has made a feature film in isolation. Called ‘Made In Isolation’. The 1 hr 15 mins film is perhaps the first feature film to have been made during the lockdown, all the creative heads, the director, music composer and actor have done their respective work in the isolation of their respective homes. 

The entire film has been made in a 16 ft x 10 ft room in Amartya’s Bhubaneswar house, with no crew or external resources. The film is a slice of life under lockdown, treated in a psychedelic tone.​

Written, shot, directed and edited by Amartya Bhattacharyya, the music of the film has been composed by Kisaloy Roy sitting in Kolkata. It has been produced by Priyanka Ghosh Roy, who also has a special appearance in a very special way. She too is in isolation in Kolkata. 

This is Amartya’s fourth feature film, after ‘Capital I’, ‘Khyanikaa’ and ‘Runanubandha’. The last one was a part of the prestigious Moscow International Film Festival, Kolkata International Film Festival, and around 20 international festivals across the world and had bagged four international awards last year.

Here’s the trailer of the film was released on youtube on Friday.


The initial comments welcomed the film as something new amidst a host of web series during the lockdown. The trailers revolves around the title track of the film that talks about among other things, ‘dreaming of staying alive’, ‘days and nights passing by in monotony’, ‘solitude having a smile on its face’, ‘ a meaningful exile’ and ‘globalisation of the isolated.’


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