Lockdown Routines: Hard Times Are A Blessing, They Make Us Stronger, Feels Das

In Our Special Series, Coach Of India Squash Team Tells OB He's Enjoying The World Of Fairytales With His Daughter

Like many, Gautam Das has taken the novel coronavirus-induced nationwide lockdown on the chin and is trying his best to cope with it.

“Hard times come as a blessing in disguise. We do have to suffer, but in the end it makes us stronger, better and wiser,” says the squash coach of the Indian team.

The first few days felt like he was on a holiday. “But everything seemed difficult after the first week of isolation. But when I saw my daughter doing online classes, I realized there are a lot of things that can be done even being confined at home,” says Gautam, who is from Kendrapara but currently at his Kolkata home.

One aspect he’s been focussing on during the lockdown is taking care of his body, which he admits he had previously neglected because of professional commitments.

“Now I am working out for a longer period and have also started online classes,” he informs. “I am also reviewing recordings of squash matches, strengthening mental activities, planning strategies and enhancing visualizing capabilities of my players,” he adds.

His squash routines sorted out, Gautam is trying to improve his culinary skills. He’s enjoying the experiments with his family, which also help in easing stress levels.

The other aspect which he’s relishing is to share happiness with his daughter.

“She used to ask why I don’t spend time with her… Now I’m using the lockdown to go back to my childhood days and take her into the world of fairytales,” Gautam reveals.

He signs off by urging everyone to stay at home, be safe and live their passion as these times won’t come back.

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