Lockdown Routines: Olympian Anuradha Biswal Busy Brushing Up Her Culinary Skills

In Our Special Series, The Former Hurdler Tells OB That She Shares Stories From Her Career To Inspire Her Children

By her own admission, Anuradha Biswal is not a good cook. But now that she is confined within the four walls of her quarter in NALCO Colony, courtesy the lockdown, the former athlete is finding ample time to brush up her culinary skills.

“I am not a good cook, but I’m learning… and loving it too,” says Biswal.

A member of India’s 2000 Sydney Olympics squad, Biswal holds the national record in women’s 100m hurdles which she set way back in 2002.

She may have retired more than a decade ago, but the athlete in her realises the importance to maintain her basic fitness.

“There is a field near our NALCO quarter where I work out regularly. I also do yoga and meditation to build up a strong immune system,” says Biswal.

One of Odisha’s most accomplished athletes, Biswal was a bronze-medallist in the 2000 Asian Championships and gold-medallist in 2006 SAF Games.

A religious-minded person, Biswal begins her day seeking Lord Sai Baba’s blessings. “After freshening up, I go out to pluck flowers for my puja. One of my hobbies is to make garlands with fresh, beautiful flowers and offer it to the God,” she informs. She also performs sandhya arati on a daily basis.

“Whenever I am free, I try to turn the clock back and bring out photographs and clippings of media coverage during my professional career. I show these to my children and share my stories to inspire them,” she says.

Every afternoon, Biswal takes her daughter, a budding athlete, out for training. “I myself train her,” she informs, adding that she helps out with the studies of her son and daughter as well.



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