Odisha Collector Donates Blood To Tide Over Short Supply Amid COVID-19 Lockdown


Bhubaneswar: Blood banks across the state are running dry following clamps on donation camps amid COVID-19 lockdown. The one in the Boudh district of Odisha is also finding it hard to maintain the standard requirement of 50 units of blood stock.

The condition of the blood bank came to light when the district collector, Lalatendu Mishra, reviewed the stock position of the bank. Setting an example, the 58-year old collector donated blood and inspired others to come out and donate blood.

“We need around 300-350 units of blood every month. According to standard operating procedure, we should maintain a daily stock of at least 20 per cent (around 50-60 units) of the monthly requirement. These days we are managing with just 20 to 25 units, blood bank officer of Boudh, Malay Kumar Sahu was quoted by The Times of India as saying.

Earlier, blood donation camps fulfilled the requirement of the blood bank but due to lockdown restrictions, the district blood bank is requesting the volunteers to come in small groups and donate blood.

Drawing inspiration from the collector, Sahu said a lot of people have come forward to donate blood.

Recently, a group of 12 policemen from Bargarh district was applauded on social media for donating blood.

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