Om Shanti, Panditji

A Tribute To Doyen Of Dance Pandit Birju Maharaj, who passed away on Sunday at the age of 83

The stage is echoingly silent
The lights are all off today
Empty chairs & undrawn curtains
No more to see you dance today…

Drunken Eyes
Your eyes had poured flirtingly
Heart stabbing, seducing mine
Like scotch-kissed senseless senses
To leave me drunk divine…

Dance Divine
Mortal in body, immortal in art
In one, the divine and dancer to meet
When heaven descended down below
To the beats romancing at your feet…

Broken Beloved
& I became your lover, like the ghungroo
That are bereft, broken beloveds today
Om Shanti, Panditji, onward you go
Is all that a teary-eyed lover can pray…

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