#PapaHaiNa: Kangana Mocks Star Kids By Sharing Their Overweight Pictures


Mumbai: Since actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s tragic demise, Kangana Ranaut has been publicly slamming elite Bollywood groups for ill-treating ‘outsiders’ in the industry.

The ‘Manikarnika’ actress has been alleging nepotism in Bollywood by targeting star kids, who allegedly get a break in films easily, while the outsiders have to struggle a lot.

Responding to an earlier statement by Karan Johar, where the filmmaker had remarked that ‘star kids are more good looking than outsiders’, Kangana shared a post with pictures of overweight star kids and hashtag #PapHaiNa.

Along with the picture, Kangana wrote: “Some people saying it’s body shaming no it’s not, it’s a reality check for movie mafia people like Karan Johar who went on record to say if outsiders arent as good looking and talented as star kids it’s not his fault, people must wake up to their crude brain washing.”

Many star kids were overweight before they were launched in movies. Thereafter, they underwent a drastic transition from flab to fab, losing weight and doing everything to look glamorous.

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