Performances On Odissi Percussion Instruments & Hindustani Vocal Mark End Of Rajarani Music Festival In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: Spellbinding performance by eminent Mardala player Guru Satchidananda Das & Group on Odissi percussion instruments and Hindustani vocal by Pandit M Venkatesh Kumar marked the concluding evening of Rajarani Music Festival 2021 here on Wednesday.

The evening’s programme took off with ‘Brunda Mardala Badana’ by Guru Satchidananda Das and his disciples who played Aditala of 16 beats producing different ‘layakaris’ punctuated with ‘bols’ or ‘Ukutas’ with special use of traditional musical phases which produce special striking structure typical to Odissi music.

In his second presentation, the Guru performed ‘Trital’ of 16 beats punctuated with typical musical renderings using ‘uthana’, elaboration of Dharana, Jati, Chakradar, Biram, Abiram, Lagana Mana, Bira Mana, Kaida, Sabdaswar Pata, Rela etc having different ‘layas’ and ‘chhandas’. The rhythm and the beats perfectly synchronized with the ‘bols’ (rhythmic syllables) in conformity with different notations.

The next on agenda was Hindustani vocal by Pandit M. Venkatesh Kumar who presented Rag Kalyan Bilambit followed by Rag Durga Madhyalaya and lastly some remarkable Bhajans. His presentation was marked with step-by-step elaboration in ‘Bilambita’ and ‘Drutalaya’ giving scope for vocal embellishments, simpler and softer movement from one note to other.

Vishal Kumar Dev, principal secretary, Tourism; Durga Prasad Mohapatra, joint secretary, Tourism and Dr Ratikanta Pattanayak, assistant director, Tourism were among the diginaties present at the programme anchored by Dr Sangita Gosain and Anuja Tarini Mishra.

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