Power Dressing Unplugged

“Dreams dress us carefully in the colours of power and faith.”
– Aberjhani


Power comes from Prayer

Power comes from Master Teachers and Mentors

Power comes from Positive Thoughts

Power comes from Vibrant Surroundings

Power comes from Loving Words of Family and Friends

Power comes from Good People

Power comes from the Energies you draw from the Earth, Sky, Water, Wind and Fire

Power comes from the Books you read

Power comes from your Networking

Power comes from Sacred Places and Scriptures.

Power comes from soaring heights, from space and from a Calm Mind.

Power comes from your Dressing. 

I am always reminded of the famous quote from Isaac Bashevis Singer: “What a strange power there is in clothing!”

Power comes from knowing your own self, and wearing what you feel your best in. Power dressing is the statement of who you are and who you aspire to be. And when eyes are upon you, the sense of visual harmony must prevail.

Your appearance, combined with your speech, your action and your style of presentation convey the power of your personality and your willingness to stand out and be counted. What especially makes a mark is how you are dressed on difficult days or amidst challenges, your sensitivity to the environs around you.

Power dressing is not about wearing expensive clothes, riding luxury vehicles or using costly accessories. It is about how you carry yourself, how you think and the confidence you exude verbally and non-verbally. Power dressing reflects your state of mind, as well as your preparedness to face the world. Believing that you have the courage and the power to live accomplish your goals, manifest your vision.

The impression one makes or carries in the very first meeting lasts for ever. There’s no second chance to make that first impression, it just takes those first few seconds. Therefore, present yourself so powerfully that people around you simply cannot ignore you. Apt dressing ensures that your presence registers. You are stating that you are in charge of self and the work at hand.

Your attire and your attitude speak everything about you. How you dress should make you heard even without speaking a word. Just make sure that you have tailored fits and appropriate colours with a nod to the context or type of interaction with people.

When you start your day, assume that you are going to meet the Prime Minister of your country or the Chief Minister of your State. Your dressing increases your self-confidence and diffuses others’ apprehensions, facilitates mutual trust.

Power is positivity anchored in your attitude. It’s a concept. It shines a light. Your entry and then your presence can energise the place, charge the atmosphere, and guide the interaction to a positive outcome.

So, dress yourself with the power of your soul and with great purpose. Then experience the power of Power Dressing.

Dress how you want to be addressed.

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  1. Tarini says

    Indeed power comes from prayer, Mother Nature and the awareness of sacred energies that surround us and bless us. Absorb and exude 🤗💕

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