#Remember17Sept #BikGayiModiSarkar #ModiTheWarriorOfIndia Trend Ahead Of PM’s Birthday

Bhubaneswar: National Unemployment Day has arrived. A day when the unemployed youth of the country can celebrate and get themselves trend on social media, instead of crying about not having to work their day off in offices and other concrete buildings. The day to rejoice your existential crisis, and proudly flaunt no money in the pocket.


#Remember17Sept is trending on Twitter. September 17, as one must know, happens to be the birthday of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. And the creative minds, with no work in hand, seem to be working overtime to declare it as National Unemployment Day. And what a way to get heard!

Blogger and socio-political activist Hansraj Meena shared a video of Shyam Rangeela on the occasion of #nationalunemploymentday. Check this out.

Hit it where it hurts the most.

And that is not all. #BikGayiHaiModiSarkar is trending too.

The true Modi believers aren’t behind to remind India and the unemployed youth about all the sacrifices made by the Prime Minister for the sake of the nation. #ModiTheWarriorOfIndia

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