Resumption Of Domestic Flights: ‘Why Fuss Over Quarantine?’ Asks Aviation Minister


New Delhi: Discussing norms to be followed by airlines and passengers for the resumption of domestic operations from Monday, Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said today that an unnecessary ‘fuss’ is being made over quarantine of passengers on domestic flights.

Indicating that the government was not in favour of quarantining passengers on short-haul flights, he said the larger question of quarantining would have to be dealt with in a ‘pragmatic manner’.

“Why are we making a fuss over quarantine? Positive cases won’t be boarding and there can be asymptomatic people. The quarantine issue will be dealt with in a pragmatic manner. We can’t have a 14-day quarantine… it is not practical,” the aviation minister said.

“In case you test positive, then you will not even be permitted to enter the airport or board flights,” Puri added. He also asked all passengers to take “a conscious decision to see if they are fit to travel”.

“I don’t know why we are making such a fuss on the quarantine issue. Bhai, this is domestic travel. Same laws will apply here that apply when you travel by train or a bus,” added the minister.

Among the first to react was the Assam government. Its CM, Himanta Biswa Sarma said his state would insist on quarantine of passengers coming into the state by air.

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