Sania Mirza Finds Lockdown Lonesome In Hyderabad With Hubby Stuck In Pakistan


Hyderabad: Indian tennis star Sania Mirza is finding it difficult to deal with the lockdown as she is alone with her son Izhaan in Hyderabad while her husband Shoaib Malik is stuck in Pakistan.

Sania, who was in USA for a tennis tournament, had returned to Hyderabad when the lockdown was announced.

Meanwhile, her cricketer hubby Shoaib Malik was in Pakistan to play the Super League and couldn’t fly down to India as flights were cancelled.

“So he got stuck in Pakistan, I got stuck here. That was very difficult to deal with because we have a small child. We don’t know when Izhaan will be able to see his father again. It’s as basic as that,” Sania said in an interview to Indian Express.

“I don’t have anxiety problems as such. But a couple of nights ago, I was having anxiety out of nothing. I was lying in bed and thinking of things because there’s so much uncertainty. Having a toddler in the house, you don’t know how to protect yourself, how to protect your child and then you have elderly parents. So, you are not really thinking about work or tennis,” the tennis star said.

Sania, however, added that she is happy that Shoaib is with his 65-year-old mother back at home in Pakistan during the lockdown.

Talking about the plight of migrant labourers, Sania said that she is raising funds and doing charity to help them. It “breaks her heart” and makes her feel “guilty” to be in a privileged position than them during this crisis, she said.

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