Six Years After It Was Shut Down, Orkut is Trending Again!

Social media can often throw up surprises. Guess what Twitterati was busy discussing on Saturday? It was Orkut.

Remember Orkut? It was the first social networking website — owned and operated by Google — which was launched in 2004 and closed down in 2014, leaving its users heartbroken.

Orkut was one of the reasons why many people opened their gmail accounts. Now, six years after it was dissolved, several Orkut users are lamenting that it was not appreciated enough.

There were also memes and jokes over popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, wondering what is happening.

While people complain of social media being a toxic place which affects mental health of people, many say Orkut was not like the rest. They say they have retained friendships with the users of that platform even now.

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