Student Mocked By IAS Officer To Get Year’s Supply Of Free Sanitary Pads

New Delhi: The Bihar student who had asked for free sanitary pads from the government, will now receive a year’s worth of free sanitary pad supply. Following the disparaging remarks given by an IAS officer just for asking for cheaper sanitary pads, the student who had posed the question will now receive a year’s worth of free sanitary pad supply. Indian sanitary pad manufacturer PAN Healthcare announced that the company has decided to give 19-year-old Riya Kumari a year’s supply of their ‘Everteen’ sanitary napkins.

In addition to giving Riya a year’s supply of their ‘Everteen’ sanitary pads, the Delhi-based company also stated that it will pay for her graduation. Kumari is studying for a BA programme at Vaishali’s Ram Vilas Rai College, Hajipur.

“We salute Riya’s courage to speak up on this subject on a public platform with confidence. A year’s supply of Everteen’s neem and safflower sanitary pads is just a small token of our appreciation for her conviction to put an end to the bloody hypocrisy around menstruation that pervades society at large,” Chirag Pan, CEO of PAN Healthcare Pvt Ltd told news agency ANI.

Kumari had been berated by IAS officer Harjot Kaur Bhamra, Women and Children Development Corporation MD, after she had asked Bhamra if the government could provide cheaper sanitary pads. Bhamra in response accused the Kumari of wanting free condoms in the future and asking the government for free handouts.

The National Commission for Women (NCW) sought a formal explanation from Bhamra, who made a public apology two days later, where she expressed regret for hurting Kumari’s sentiments.

Lack of sanitary products and information about menstruation leads to nearly 23 million girls dropping out of the education system in India each year. Lack of access to sanitary products also results in just 36 per cent of women using a sanitary napkin during their periods.

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