The Sunday Odisha Quiz

The quiz culture needs a relook. There is something inherently problematic with it. It prioritizes information over knowledge. It skims the surface instead of going deep, and it is often without a sense of context or purpose. And it misses the point.

Have you ever wondered, why most kids in a rural school in India know the name of capital of Ethiopia or the president of Mexico? Isn’t it better that the questions make them more knowledgeable about their immediate surrounding and what they are going to grow up with – their history, culture, politics and so on?

In short, quizzing should arm people with knowledge that helps them grow.

We at Odisha Bytes plan to revisit the quiz culture. Henceforth, our dedicated section would focus solely on Odisha. Our aim is to spread awareness and bring Odisha closer to You. Happy Quizzing!!

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So, here follows the questions from Quizmaster Manas Nayak for this edition of The Sunday Odisha Quiz:

1. Expand IMFA?

2. Which Odia poet & litterateur is credited as the founder of Dhumpa Sangita?

3. Which former Odisha chief minister also had been twice the Chairman of Children’s Film Soceity of India?

4. “Jaha Ange Nivaichi”is a popular autobiography of which odia poet,story writer who belonged to the “Sabuja Gosthi”(Green Community of Odisha Poets)?

5. He served as the Finance & Education minister in the Ministry of the Maharaja of Paralakhemundi from 1941-44 & was instrumental in establishment of Utkal University?Identify him. He was one of the “Panchasakha”of Gopabandhu Das?

6. Though born in a royal family he had never eyed for throne and rather be known for his literary works like “Baidehisha Bilasa”?

7. Which former skipper of Odisha’s Women’s Cricket team is in news for qualifying in Odisha state Civil Services Examination 2018 Conducted by Odisha Public Service Commission?

8. Which odia women’s football player also served as the captain of the national team?

9. What is the claim to fame of Odisha-based designer Gajendra Prasad Sahoo in the Indian sports arena?

10. Who is the captain of Odisha FC team?

Last Edition Answers:

1. Which Odisha-based woman hockey player has announced her retirement from international hockey due to prolonged injury?
Ans: Sunita Lakra

2. Who has been nominated as the Chief Patron of Volleyball Federation of India (VFI)?
Ans: Achyuta Samanta

3. Which former Chief Minister of Odisha had translated the Mahabharata, Ramayana and Shrimad Bhagvat Gita into Odia? He also wrote books on Sindhu Upatyaka and Gautam Buddha.
Ans: Janaki Ballabh Patnaik

4.Though his early name was Siddheswara Parida,later name changed.He is known for Mahabharata, Vilanka Ramayana and Chandi Purana. Identify him?
Ans: Sarala Dasa

5.Which Odia IAS Officer turned literary critic has held ex officio posts such as the Chairman of National Book Trust, New Delhi since retirement?
Ans:Sitakant Mahapatra

6. In 1975, he was adjudged the Best NCC Cadet of India at the Republic Day Parade in Delhi where he was awarded the Prime Minister’s Cane Honor. Identify this entrepreneur, business leader, author who is also on the board of white swan foundation?
Ans: Subroto Bagchi

7. This disciple of Bhikari Bal often sung Bhajans only till he was alive & have denied singing assignment for several Films.Identify him.
Ans: Arabinda Muduli

8.Which Odisha-born actor made his acting debut in 1996 in Tere Mere Sapne which was produced under Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Limited?
Ans: Chandrachur Singh

9.He is popularly known as “Palli Kabi” (the poet of rural life) for his tender lyrics, celebrating the beauty of rural Odisha in his poems.Who?
Ans:Nanda Kishore Bal

10.In 1962 his debut movie “Nua Bou” was awarded National Film Awards.Identify this Actor turned politician & current Rajya Sabha member?
Ans: Prashanta Nanda

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