[Watch] Delhi Man Names ‘Chur Chur Naan’ Food Stall After Sonu Sood

New Delhi: Actor Sonu has become a national hero in the last two years. He has endeared himself to people due to his philanthropic work, arranging buses for migrants to go home. It won’t be wrong to say that people look up to him as a sort of messiah who has a solution to all their problems.

And now, a man from Delhi has opened a street food stall and named it after actor Sonu Sood. A fsocial media user, Aradhana Rathore took to Twitter to share a video of the stall named “Sonu Sood Ji Chur Chur Naan”. She wrote alongside (in Hindi), “@Sonu Sood, the reality of your help is very much visible near our apartment in East Delhi. It feels good to see the small business doing so well. Glad to see this small business of this person is doing well. Your help has helped him with employment.”

Replying to the tweet, the ‘Dabang’ actor wrote, in Hindi, “Please tell him (the seller) to treat me with some chur chur naan someday.” Find the tweet below:

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