[Watch] In Viral Video, Rhea Says ‘She Controls Her Boyfriend’; Uses Him For Her Own Gains

Mumbai: Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case is turning into a mystery with each passing day. While some continue to claim that he was depressed and hanged himself, others feel it was a well-planned murder.

Amidst the entire hullabaloo, a shocking video, in which Rhea Chakraborty reveals that she was using Sushant for her own gains, has gone viral of late.

The ‘undated’ and ‘unverified’ video has been shared by News channel CNN News18.

In the video, Rhea can be seen referring to her boyfriend as a ‘goon’ and herself as a ‘bigger goon’. She is also heard saying that she controls her boyfriend and uses him for her own gains.

While she doesn’t mention the name of her boyfriend in the video, but she says that the person she is referring to is unaware of her intentions and acts.

Rhea also reveals that there is a powerful man supporting her and she can’t name him. In the video, at one point of time, Rhea is also heard asking the listener if she was being recorded.

You can watch the viral video here:

While sharing this exclusive video, the channel tweeted, “Alleged video of Rhea Chakraborty goes viral. In an undated and unverified video, Rhea can be heard calling her boyfriend a ‘goon’. ‘I can easily control him.”

Recently, Sushant’s father KK Singh filed an FIR against Rhea at Patna, alleging that she exploited his son financially and cheated on him, compelling him to take the drastic step.

However, Rhea denied the allegations and moved the Supreme Court for transferring the case to Mumbai.

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