[Watch] Man Arrested For Touching Female Reporter Inappropriately On Live TV

Madrid: A Spanish man paid the price for misbehaving with a woman in public.

The incident took place on Tuesday when the man had the gall to touch a Spanish TV journalist inappropriately while she was reporting live in Madrid.

According to Sky News, Isa Balado was reporting on a robbery incident for Cuatro channel when a man came from behind her and put his hands on her and asked her which channel she worked for.

The journalist looked at the man but continued with her report, but the programme host Nacho Abad intervened.

Taken aback with the man’s action, he asked, “’Isa, forgive me for interrupting you… but did he just touch your butt?”

When the journalist said “’yes”, the anchor told her to get the man on camera.

“’I just can’t understand it. Can you put that man in front of me, please? Put this stupid guy in front of me! This guy is an idiot,” the anchor said.

Confronting the man, the female reporter said, “As much as you want to ask what channel we are from, do you really have to touch my butt? I’m doing a live show and I’m working.”

The man put up a brave front and refused to admit he had done anything wrong. He walked away after ruffling her hair. He approached her again a few moments later while she was still live on air and said she should tell the truth.

Once the video surfaced online and went viral, Madrid police arrested the man for sexually assaulting a reporter live on air.

A second video clip surfaced on social media showing the man being handcuffed and taken away by two police persons.

The TV channel issued a statement saying it “rejects any form of harassment or aggression”, and expressed support for the reporter “after the absolutely intolerable situation she suffered.”

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