Young Entrepreneur Manmohan Panda Makes Education For Girls His Top Priority


Bhubaneswar: At an age when most of his mates are still juggling career choices, this young entrepreneur from Odisha is ready to give back to society through his Glaze India Foundation.

Meet Manmohan Panda from Nabrangpur who is dedicatedly working to help underprivileged children and the people of Odisha.

Nelson Mandela’s words “Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world”, inspired Panda to provide free education to those who cannot afford it, especially girls.

Glaze India Foundation is one of the primer educational institutions, which nurtures and paves the way for many more to rise and make a name for themselves and the region. The foundation imparts free education to girls and economically backward students. Not only this, these children are further given a chance to work in the various companies owned by Panda.

He has not only stepped forward to provide the best education to the people of Odisha but also opened several companies in his region to provide bread and butter to a large section of the society. He also supports budding entrepreneurs in the area by  supporting them economically and giving them a direction whenever they are stuck.

With a plethora of ventures under his name, he is the helping hand to many across the nation. His small-town roots have never stopped him to dare and dream big but have also helped many more to convert ideas from paper to reality, reports

Manmohan believes that your achievements are worthless if you do not help others around you to achieve their dreams.

Manmohan owns more than ten organisations that span from a hospitality chain to a media/film-making firm, from real estate business to manufacturing, automobiles and an upcoming Multiplex. Asked to give advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, Panda says, “Just dreaming big is not enough until you don’t have the courage to pursue them.”

Panda who has been applauded for his work with honours like Corporate Captain 2013 and 2015 (Govt. of Odisha), Face of the Year 2018, Business Tycoon of the Year-2019, Golden Indian of the year 2018, to name a few, has become a role model to many people across the state.

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