6-Yr-Old Brain Dead Girl Youngest Organ Donor At AIIMS Delhi; Saves 5 lives

New Delhi: Six-year-old Roli Prajapati became the youngest organ donor in the history of AIIMS, New Delhi. Not just that, Roli’s organs helped save as many as five lives.

Roli, shot in the head by unidentified assailants in Noida, was rushed to the hospital where she went into coma. She was referred to AIIMS Delhi, where doctors declared her brain dead after all their efforts to save her went in vain, reported ANI.

Roli’s parents then decided to donated their daughter’s organs.

“Roli, a six-and-a-half-year-old girl, arrived at the hospital on April 27. She had a gunshot wound and a bullet was lodged in her brain. The brain was totally damaged. She arrived at the hospital in almost a brain dead condition,” senior AIIMS neurosurgeon Dr Deepak Gupta was quoted as saying by ANI.

“We diagnosed her as brain death. Our team of doctors sat with the parents and talked about organ donation. We counselled the parents and sought their consent if they would be willing to donate organs to save the lives of other children,” the neurosurgeon said.

Roli’s parents agreed to donate her liver, kidneys, both corneas and heart valve.

“We were very grateful to the parents for taking this step despite not knowing much about organ donation. They understood the importance of saving lives,” Dr Gupta added.

Open donation facility was launched at AIIMS Delhi in 1994.

“To the best of my knowledge, we haven’t had such a young donor in the Delhi and NCR,” said Dr Gupta.

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