Bollywood Style Music Video ‘Slow Motion Chali’ Released


Bhubaneswar: Music video ‘ Slow motion chali’ has been released amidst the COVID-19 restrictions.

The dance music video has all the elements of a club song and has grown popular as a new year dance number. The Bollywood style dance and winner of Miss India Charming Priyanka Mohapatra are its major attractions.

The soft voice of Kuldeep Patnaik makes you swoon to the composition by Anurag Pattanaik and lyrics by Kapileswara Rout.

Priyanka is joined by actors Naresh Kumar Behera, Arun Kumar Jani, Ritesh Kumar Swain and actress Sammanita Das in a special appearance.

Released under the banner of Unique 3, the music video has been directed by Mausam Sahu.

Released on Vtunes Pro YouTube channel, ‘Slow Motion Chali’ went viral on social media and has garnered over 81,000 views so far.

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