Corona Times: Burqa Demand Goes Up In Odisha’s Kendrapara


Kendrapara: If there is one vocation that is flourishing in times of coronavirus, it is the burqa makers. Tailors who stitch burqas are busier than ever before due to the surge in the demand for burqas. Muslim women and girls are purchasing burqas as a shield against coronavirus. 

Tailors are busy stitching burqas at home since they can’t open their shops. Most of them are working through the night and not refusing any orders. Each of them has at least 100 burqas to stitch.

Such a demand comes only during Eid celebrations. Ironically, coronavirus has given a major boost to the trade. The price of a burqa is in the range of Rs 500 to Rs 1,500.

A doctor at the district headquarters hospital said at a time when Kendrapara and nearby areas are experiencing an acute shortage of three-layered anti-bacterial face masks, burqas serve as a better protective gear. 


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