COVID-19 Lockdown in Odisha: Govt Allows Free Movement Of Goods Vehicles Sans Passes

Bhubaneswar: To ensure the free flow of essential commodities for people during the lockdown period, the Odisha government on Thursday allowed free movement of goods vehicles across the state.

In a letter, Principal Secretary, Water Resources and Chairman of the State Level Monitoring Unit on Goods and Services has directed the District Collectors and SPs to ensure unhindered movement of goods transport vehicles.

“No goods vehicle, carrying essential, non-essential or empty shall be stopped by police or any other authority. No passes are required for any goods vehicle across Odisha including Bhubaneswar and Cuttack,” the letter stated.

To facilitate smooth inter and intra-state movement of goods, at least one roadside dhaba, vehicle repair shop and spare part shop located alongside the national and state highways must be opened in every 20 km or as deemed fit by the district administration, taking due care that it is located on the outskirts of the towns and cities. The District Collectors will decide and grant permission accordingly through the Civil Supply Officers (CSOs) and the regional transport officers (RTOs). The SPs are advised to personally ensure that there is facilitation in this regard.

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