COVID-19: Here’s Some Good News Amid Fears Of Mutant Strain


Bhubaneswar: Amidst the scare of a COVID-19 mutant strain affecting more people, here is some good news.

The second wave of a pandemic and mutant strain is common. We are noticing it 9 to 10 months after the first wave, said technical spokesperson of Odisha Health Department, Dr Jayanta Panda, on Friday.

Dr Panda said a mutant strain of COVID-19 is a natural defence of the virus to survive.

Mutant strains have travelled from London and Africa to other parts of the world. The rise in infection has also been noticed in travellers from Maharashtra, Kerala.

The good part is the vaccination drive is underway and the immune system of a section of people has developed. The immune system will further strengthen after six weeks of taking the vaccine. However, there is a need to remain alert and follow the COVID guidelines, said Panda

The possibility of an increase in infections are high as public facilities have opened and people are gathering at malls and temples by ignoring the COVID guidelines like wearing a mask and maintaining a social distance, Dr Panda said.

In every pandemic, a mutant strain and second wave are possibilities. In such situations there is a need to maintain COVID appropriate behaviour and stay safe, he added.

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