Daringbadi, Odisha’s Very Own Kashmir Beckons Tourists

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Phulbani: The morning fog, the dew drops-chilled air, morning walkers wearing full sleeved clothes and hot cups of tea being sold on roadsides says winter is knocking at the door in Kandhamal.

The district has been experiencing a minimum of 15 degree Celsius from the last two-three days. On Monday, it touched 13 degree Celsius. Tourists will start trickling as the winter chill sets in (the meteorological department says the temperature will go down further in the coming week) and head to Daringbadi, lovingly called Odisha’s Kashmir.

Picture Courtesy: kandhamal.nic.in

It is slowly getting its share of recognition. This unexplored hill station owes its beauty to its prolific vegetation and relaxing waterbodies in the form of lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Set amidst coffee plantations, echoing valleys, pine forests and wonderful meadows, Daringbadi offers all these and much more.

Picture Courtesy: kandhamal.nic.in

It is the only place in Odisha that experiences snowflakes in winter. With winter’s baby steps, all hotels and private organisations are gearing up to cater to the tourist season of the year. Many hotels are already booked well in advance.

Picture Courtesy: kandhamal.nic.in

Daringbadi trivia
It is named after Daring Saheb, a Britisher who was in-charge of this region. Never a popular place in the British era, locals used to come here in summer to relax due to its cooler climes and a peaceful environment. It has become more tourist-friendly over the years and a sought after destination due to its gardens, waterfalls and hills.



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