Exercise Can Be Harmful For COVID Positive Patients: Study

Exercise is good for health but not while you are suffering from coronavirus. It can worsen the symptoms of the deadly infectious disease, says a study.

According to a recent study published in JAMA Cardiology, German researchers have found that performing even moderate exercise when suffering from mild coronavirus could lead to serious heart issues. It can make the symptoms of COVID-19 worse and can cause inflammation of the heart muscle, reported Times Of India (TOI).

Why should exercise be avoided?

When we exercise, the cardiac output of our heart increases. This could simply mean an increase in viral replication in the heart muscle. Once the viral load becomes higher, it may harm the heart, said the report.
What should COVID-19 patients do?
Those who are suffering should keep monitoring their heart rate. A sudden spike in the heart rate and breathlessness should be immediately reported to the doctor.


What should patients do post COVID-19? 

Dr. Rommel Tickoo, Associate Director, Internal Medicine of Max Healthcare told TOI, “Post COVID one should be careful as far as resuming exercise goes especially in the elderly age group and those with comorbidities. There are certain patients who end up with a cardiac event, stroke or Pulmonary embolism even after 2 weeks post-illness.”
Dr Soumya V, Senior Consultant, Family Medicine, Apollo TeleHealth also suggested that it is best to avoid exercising until complete recovery.
When should you resume your workout

Warning that too much exercise can be harmful post COVID, Dr Tickoo said that if you are keen to resume your fitness routine then wait for at least 4 weeks post-illness. Even then go slow and perform easy exercises, he added in the report.

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