Extortion Slur On NCB Officer Sameer Wankhede; What Was He Doing In Maldives When Bollywood Stars Were Vacationing?

Mumbai: Zonal director of the Narcotics Control Bureau Sameer Wankhede has been hogging the limelight since the arrest of Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan in the drugs-on-cruise case.

Maharashtra minister and NCP leader Nawab Malik has brought a series of allegations against NCB and particularly Wankhede with extortion being the latest.

The minister has questioned his presence in Maldives while when Bollywood stars were vacationing there during the COVID-induced lockdown. He alleged that Wankhede was conducting an extortion racket there.

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“During the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire film industry was in Maldives. What were the officer and his family doing in Maldives and Dubai [at the same time]? This must be clarified by Sameer Wankhede,” the NCP spokesperson said.

Nawab Malik posted purported photos of Wankhede’s sister Yasmeen as evidence of his claim

He also alleged that the officer is acting at the behest of the BJP to discredit the Maharashtra government.

Reacting to the allegations, Wankhede told the media that was in the Maldives on a vacation with his family after taking due permission from his department. He also asserted that he has never been to Dubai.

“I did not go to Dubai. I went to Maldives. Not with my sister as the photo (tweeted by Nawab Malik) appears to indicate. I have gone with my children, with proper permission, legally and with my own money,” he was quoted as saying by NTDV.

He took the vacation a couple of months ago and not during the lockdown, he said, adding that ‘these are bad allegations’ and “lies”.

Wankhede is married to Marathi actress Kranti Redkar and the couple have twins daughters.

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