Lockdown Pangs: Social Organisations Help Kapilash Monkeys Survive


Dhenkanal: At the time of lockdown when the Lords go half-fed and humans struggle for food, one can imagine the plight of the animals. But kindness on the part of some people has come to the rescue of the animals.

Thousands of monkeys in Kapilash temple in Dhenkanal would have gone without food after the temple was closed and the devotees stopped offering prasad. But some youth organisations, NGOs, political parties, youth wings and individuals came forward to lend their helping hands to the monkeys to survive in the difficult times.

Bajrang club, Chandrashekhar Youth Club, ATAD and Biju Chhatra Janata Dal are among some of the supportive organisations who are feeding the monkeys since the lockdown. The devotes also chipping in as per their capacity.

Soumyabrata Sahoo, secretary of ATAD said, “From the first day of the lockdown, we thought of feeding the helpless monkeys and arranged the food from our own sources. We will continue the programme till normalcy is restored.”

These oraganisations offer fruits like apple and banana, besides poha, puffed rice, vegetables, bread and other eatables to the simians.


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