Lockdown Routines: Worried About Small Entrepreneurs Like Me, Says Jyoshna

In Our Special Series, Fashion Designer Tells OB She’s Spending Quality Time With Daughter, Who Is Her Best Friend


The nationwide lockdown, necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic, has virtually brought the world to a standstill. Every individual has been affected by same way or the other. Take Jyoshna Das, for instance.

The Bhubaneswar-based designer says the outbreak of novel coronavirus is not just a threat to our lives. “More seriously, it’s a threat to the future of small entrepreneurs like me,” says the extremely concerned Jyoshna.

But she also realizes that worrying about her business firm and employees is not going to provide a solution to the serious crisis. “So I thought of indulging myself in some creative work,” she says.

Being a full-time fashion designer/entrepreneur, mother, cook and caretaker, she isn’t left with much spare time.

“I love nature, so try to decorate my house with indoor plants… and also spend some time sitting in the lawn,” she states.

Poetry, she says, is a long-lost love of hers. “So I’ve been trying to revive the skill of writing. I wrote some short poems and posted it on Facebook and Instagram… Got some appreciation too,” she informs.

Besides reading some good books and designing new products, Joshna is spending a good amount of time in the worship room. “I can worship peacefully for some time. It gives me inner strength to face the upcoming challenges,” she reveals.

She is glad to be able to spend quality time with her daughter, who happens to be her ‘best friend’.

“She always used to complain about lack of attention from me. Now we play around like siblings. She is learning to cook… Every day we do some experimental dishes,” Jyoshna says.

She is not sure what the future will unfold, but she doesn’t want to be pessimistic. “What life will bring, I am ready to face it,” she ends on a positive note.

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  1. Nazia Ali says

    Beautifully expressed jyotshna ma’am

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