Lone Passenger Aboard US Flight Gets Super VIP Treatment

Fort Lauderdale (US): An American man got super VIP treatment aboard a Southwest Airlines flight from Fort Lauderdale to St Louis – not because he had bought a business class ticket, but since he was the lone passenger on the plane.

Describing it as a “very, very, very unique experience,” Bob Pitts recorded the conversation with the crew “as there was nobody else to talk to”, according to NBC News.

Pitts, who wore a bandana as a face cover, was personally greeted by the flight attendant and pilot. He was travelling to see his mother for an emergency family matter.

The crew thanked Pitts “for coming along with us”, and even presented the safety instructions, but in a humourous way.

The COVID-19 pandemic has crippled the aviation sector worldwide. Many countries, including India, have stopped commercial flights altogether.

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