Nirbhaya Convicts Hanging: Pawan Jallad’s Son Says No To Family Profession

New Delhi: Pawan Jallad, the hangman who executed the four Nirbhaya convicts on Friday, is finally happy.

“For the first time in my life, I’m happy to execute four convicts. I had been waiting for this day for long. I thank God and the Tihar jail administration,” the 57-year-old hangman said after the dawn hangings.

Besides, media reports have hinted that Pawan, who is the only “certified” hangman in Uttar Pradesh, will receive Rs 20,000 for each hanging. Attached to the Meerut jail, he earns a monthly salary of Rs 3,000.

The Tihar Jail administration had chosen Pawan for hanging the four Nirbhaya gang rape-murder convicts.

But while Pawan is a third-generation hangman by profession, his son doesn’t want to continue the family tradition.

“My son is preparing for a government job and does not want to work at the gallows,” he revealed.

Recalling his life as a hangman, Pawan said he has never imagined being anything else since he was a child. Pawan Jallad’s father was a hangman and so was his grandfather.

Pawan has witnessed hanging since he was an adolescent. His grandfather Laxman and father Kallu were assigned the job of executing Indira Gandhi’s assassins in 1989 and he took over after their passing away. His father Kallu had also hanged dreaded criminals Ranga and Billa.

About three years ago, he was assigned the task of hanging the Nithari killing accused Surendra Koli but the hanging was put off at the last moment.

Pawan lives on the outskirts of Meerut and does not socialize much. His family comprises seven members.

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