Not Many Takers For I-Day Memorabilia In City

Bhubaneswar: If there is one that is missing from the markets in the days leading to Independence Day celebrations, it is the plastic flags.

A round of the state capital markets reveals lesser shops selling Independence Day paraphernalia compared to previous years.

As plastic flags are strictly banned by the government, and schools are no longer allowing students to bring them to the campus on Independence Day, they are not be seen in the shops.

Most of the shops are showcasing paper and cloth flags in different sizes. The prices of the flags start from Rs 10 and goes up to Rs 400 each. They have other items like, shirt pins, headbands, gloves, bracelets, broaches etc. with the tricolour printed on them.

“People are not showing much interest in buying flags or other things related to Independence Day. The number of children buying this stuff has decreased considerably,” said a vendor near Unit I market.

“We used to have shops all over the city, but now, we have only set up our shops either near crowded market areas or schools, in the hope of attracting customers. People from different offices also buy our things in bulk,” said another vendor near DAV Public School, Unit VIII.

“Schools are not encouraging students to buy or bring flags on Independence Day anymore these days. My child wanted these fancy pins, that is the only reason I am here,” said a parent.

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