Now Decide For Yourself What Goes Into Your Grub – Live Food Station In Bhubaneswar!


Bhubaneswar: When a dedicated foodie hears the word ‘live’, an image of a restaurant where the food is cooked right in front of your eyes conjures up.

But the range of pick-and-choose with live poultry, fish pond and meat goats is what sets ‘Manoj The Non-Veg World’ near Infocity Square in Odisha capital apart.

In other words, you direct the whole show by deciding the ingredients of your meal and the person on the other side of the counter ingeniously prepares the dish for you.

Also available are eggs of ducks, kadaknath (black chicken) and prawns.

At their live counter, one can choose a fresh variety of these and order accordingly. So, the word ‘stale’ is alien here.

This is not all, there is also a grocery shop and on the offing a live restaurant, where guests can also cook. “All the non-veg items are available under a single roof. There is a live restaurant here where you can order food of your choice. Grocery items are also available. It is for the first time that I came across such a one-stop destination for all non-veg items,” said a customer.

The place is well maintained, clean. At the entry, proper temperature check is being done and all COVID-19 norms are being followed as well.

“The raw species available here are licensed. This one-stop is an easy go-to place for family gatherings, bachelors,” said Manoj, the owner of the non-veg world.

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