Odisha Transport Officers Clear The Air On New Traffic Rules

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Cuttack: Confused about whether your new car requires pollution tests or you need a second helmet for your pillion rider or not? We spoke to the State Transport Authority Commissioner-cum-Chairman Sanjeeb Panda and Joint Commissioner of Transport Road & Safety, Chittaranjan Ray to clear a few frequently asked questions about the amended Motor Vehicle Act, 2019. Excerpts:

Q: Is PUC required for new vehicles?

C Ray: It is not required for the first one year. Thereafter, every vehicle, other than electric vehicles needs to undergo a pollution test every six months.

Q: Do two-wheelers require a pollution test as well?

C Ray: Yes, the same as four-wheelers.

Q: Are rear seat belts mandatory?

C Ray: Yes.

Q: Are helmets a must for pillion riders?

C Ray: Yes, helmets are mandatory for everyone above the age of four. Sikh people wearing turbans are exempted. Also, helmets have to be ISI-marked and construction helmets are not allowed.

Q: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik recently announced a relaxation of three months. What all documents will not be checked during this time?

S Panda: All four documents – Driving Licence, Registration, Insurance and Pollution Under Control certificates will not be checked now. Helmets, seat belts and other non-documented requirements will be checked.

Q: Is a number plate required on the front of two-wheelers?

S Panda: Yes, both front and rear.

Q: Are baby seats required in cars?

C Ray: Yes, baby seats with proper restrainers are required for children.

Q: Are electric vehicles exempt from registration and driving licence?

C Ray: Only the ones that have motors with rated capacities lower than 0.25 KW. Higher speed ones require all documents other than a pollution certificate.

Amid uproar over reduction of fines for traffic violation, Commissioner Panda explained that the rates, which are compoundable, may be reduced after discussion. “We have no authority over non-compoundable rates,” he added.




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