Rare ‘Budhia’ Fish Weighing 60 Kg Caught From Mahanandi In Odisha

Sambalpur: A rage and huge fish, weighing over 60 kg, was caught by fishermen from Mahanadi at Burla in Odisha’s Sambalpur district.

As per information, the large freshwater fish caught in the fishermen’s net near Burla Siphon on Tuesday, is called ‘Budhia’.

Locals said that some fishermen ventured into Hirakud dam water to catch fish on Tuesday. The huge fish got trapped in a fishing net spread by the fishermen near the right-side spillway of the Hirakud dam near Burla Siphon.

As the fish was very heavy, a fisherman could not pull his fishing net alone and he soon took the help of others. When dragged fully, they were amazed to see the large-size fish.

The fishermen reportedly sold the fish to a hotel in Sambalpur city.

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