Rare Surgery: Solid Aluminium Removed From Patient’s Nose

Bhubaneswar: In a rare medical procedure, an expert in ENT and Endoscopic Skull Base surgery at the Institute of Medical Sciences (IMS) and SUM Hospital, successfully removed pieces of aluminium from the left nostril of an industrial worker.

Prakash Mallick, 22, who worked in an aluminium industry in Surat, was injured following an explosion in the plant. As a result, he inhaled aluminium in liquid gaseous form at a very high temperature. It turned into solid aluminium inside his nostril after coming into contact with body temperature.

Mallick was unable to breathe as he developed complete stenosis (narrowing of the passage) in the left nostril. He was taken under the care of Dr Radhamadhab Sahu, internationally known Endoscopic Skull Base surgeon and senior consultant in ENT and Skull Base Surgery.

He successfully removed about 20 grams of solidified aluminium from the patient’s left nostril. It was clinging to the surrounding bones close to the brain. Dr Sahu removed it throughan advanced ndoscopic technique, freeing the nasal passage.

Mallick has started breathing normally and his condition is improving.

Describing it as a “very challenging and rare case”, Dr Sahu said aluminium melts at 640 degree C. After the gaseous aluminium entered the nasal cavity, it got solidified and took the shape of the nostril blocking the passage and tightly adherent to surrounding structures.

“All the particles were removed by advanced endoscopic technique, and a new passage created for the nostril with the procedure spanning over two hours,” he said.

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