Rourkela’s Daughter & Entrepreneur Empowers Women With Unique Start-Up In Bengaluru

Bhubaneswar: It is a challenge for women to look after their families at home and pursue their professional responsibilities as well.

However, Sangeeta Mohapatra, who hails from Rourkela, has set an example for other women by balancing her personal and professional life beautifully. Not only this, she has also empowered many women by giving them employment in her Bengaluru-based company.

Sangeeta is the founder and MD of a start-up called ‘The Signature Attire’, where 96 per cent of the employees are women.

“Being a woman I can understand the problems and emotions of women. My mother is a working woman. Both my father and mother are teachers. They taught me that every woman should be independent and a couple should support each other both physically and financially,” said Sangeeta.

An alumnus of NIT, Rourkela, this entrepreneur shared, “After getting a job through campus recruitment, I shifted to Bengaluru in 2001. I was working in a software company. Then I planned to set up my own start-up and I did so in 2018.

“The shape of women change during every phase of life, like, before marriage, after marriage, during pregnancy and after pregnancy also. Keeping that in my mind, I started my business. I wanted to provide them readymade dresses during every phase,” she added.

“Besides, I am also focusing on comfortable kids wear. I also give emphasis on quality fabrics for clothing. So that people will love to prefer domestic brand,” said Sangeeta.

“I believe in team work and we are managing our business like a family. I want that every woman should be empowered so that she can fulfil the needs of her family. A woman should not always depend on a man in financial matters of the family. All the members of my production and marketing teams are women,” she added.

“I am now in this position for my ‘never-losing’ and ‘don’t give up’ attitude and the passion to drive things differently by placing wonderful products in a much competitive space (garments). For me, I am successful as I could give employment to the women. I could make them financially independent,” said Sangeeta.

About work-life balance, she said, “My motto is that in office, you should not think of the family and at home, you should not think of office work. This is work-life balance for me. I do practice it and my family supports me a lot,” said this mother of two school-going kids.

“I am planning to expand my business to Bhubaneswar with new concepts. I will work on handlooms of Odisha also,” she signed off.

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