The Other Dahibaras of Cuttack

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Which is the best dahibara in Cuttack? The answer is almost spontaneous and usually one of Raghu, Ishwaar, Bhagi, Rama, Trinath and the likes. While these are the Khans of Dahibara, Cuttack’s favorite food made by the Nawazuddins and Manoj Bajpayees are also equally good, if not better at times too.
Here’s a list of the other dahibaras in Cuttack that I believe a true fan should try:
1. Megha
Megha’s counter sits at the famous dahibara zone of Cuttack – Barabati Stadium. It is located in the front row towards the right end. His preparation is not spicy and has less masala. It is more on the lighter side and it is the guguni and the gravy of the alu dum that produces the lovely taste. Sweet mitha bara is also available. Megha, like others in the area, is available from morning to evening.
2. Nayasadak
Nayasadak actually offers four options. The first and second are two cycle-driven dahibarawalas who stand below the main tree. They serve what is essentially the classic dahibara, alu dum, guguni. This is something you must try. In the evening, there is one stall right opposite them near Hemraj Jewellers. This one offers the spicy alu dum and is slightly on the drier side. This one is an excellent choice for those with fiery taste buds. In the morning, there is another vendor who sits near Joynarayan’s store on the road towards Chaudhary Bazaar. This person serves one of the softest baras.
3. Dolamundei
Near Dolamundei Square, on the temple ground, there are a number of street food vendors. Amongst them are 3 dahibarawallas who sit at the centre of the ground. They also serve the classic dahibara and this is again one of the must-tries for dahibara lovers. They sit only in the evenings.
4. Jail Road
Near Netaji memorial’s gate, sits one vendor who serves in the evening only. Do order half a plate here because the quantity served is more than usual. Here, the taste is also close to the classic dahibara but the guguni and alu dum masala have a unique flavor.
Cuttack is full of dahibarawalas and there are many that are good but not so famous. Do let us know if you think any other deserves a special mention, and when you do eat dahibara, don’t forget to ask for seu at the end.



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