[Watch] Passenger Caught With Cash Worth Rs 33 Lakh Concealed Inside Gutkha Pouches!

Kolkata: One hears of over-ambitious passengers trying to smuggle into or out the country gold, drugs or other contraband goods and getting caught at international airports.

The incident which took place at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International (NSCBI) airport on Sunday, however, takes the cake as far as innovation and imagination are concerned.

Alert Customs officials apprehended a man who was unlawfully taking funds – 40,000 US dollars — to Bangkok.

A video posted on Twitter by ANI shows dollar bills concealed inside sealed Shuddh Plus pan masala pouches.

The value of the currency found in the pouches is equivalent to Rs 32,95,240 (approximately 33 lakh in INR).

The person, who had a ticket for a Kolkata-Bangkok flight, was detained by Kolkata Customs’ Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) after the dollar bills were found in his checked-in baggage.

Agents of AIU provided information, based on which Kolkata Customs took action and checked his baggage, where $40,000 was discovered.

The dollar bills — two $10 notes in each purse — were placed in polythene-wrapped bags. A large trolley bag was packed with those pouches, ANI reported.

The currency has been seized and the passenger taken into custody as investigation is underway.

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