#BoycottTanishq Trends After Latest Ad On InterFaith Marriage

Ranchi: Tanishq, the jewellery brand by TATA, launched a new advertisement for the festive season on interfaith marriage on Friday. The ad, which gives the message of love and oneness regardless of differences in religion and traditions, has sparked a row.

The ad features a Hindu girl married in a Muslim family getting a surprise baby shower party from her in-laws. The girl at the end of the ad is shown asking her mother-in-law why they are celebrating the ‘godbharayi’ ritual even if this isn’t in their tradition, to which the mother-in-law reply because every daughter deserves love in all religion.

Though the makers of the ad had a good intention and positive message to spread, it boomeranged on them.

#BoycottTanishq started trending with the jewellery brand being accused of promoting love-jihad. According to reports, love-jihad or Romeo-jihad is a conspiracy theory on alleged efforts by Muslim men targeting non-Muslim women for conversion to Islam by pretending to be in love.

The term was coined after initial cases of conversion emerged in Kerala and subsequently in Karnataka.

Apart from this, Deepika Padukone’s connection with the brand also got users joining the trend. She was called by the Narcotics Control Bureau for questioning in connection with the Sushant Singh Rajput’s death-drug investigation.

As things got heated up, in response, Tanishq has disabled the comment section on its YouTube page. The brand has also been getting a lot of flak for that.


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