Corona Notes: 20 Things You Need To Do To Break The Chain

The COVID-19 outbreak has left all of us searching for ways to stay safe and beat the dreaded virus. Fortunately, we have managed to remain fine but in the process I have gathered some learning that
could not only help break the corona chain but also stay connected and remain busy. Here is my list of 20 must-dos:

1. Stay at home and follow lockdown rules. Obey the government.

2. Use technology, i.e., create WhatsApp groups of family members and friends to maintain regular communication. Find new hobbies on technology front using mobile or laptops connected to Internet.

3. Create a daily routine, starting from your morning prayers and exercise, to spending time with family and playing indoor games.

4. Create a positive environment by working in your garden and by keeping flowers in your bedroom, lighting lamps in your prayer room etc.

5. Follow a strict diet which will strengthen your immune system.

6. Find a book to read or create a passion for some other work like writing, photography, cooking, painting, dairy maintenance etc.

7. Read and share the stories of great people like Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi and Gopabandhu Das and try to rediscover yourself.

8. Do yoga and prayers twice (morning and evening) a day and give enough time to release your negativity.

9. Revive old customs and celebrate festivals with your family.

10. Celebrate whatever you missed in your life like your 17th birthday or parents’ 21st anniversary party during the lockdown.

11. Plan your future post-corona, including your financial, social and emotional wellbeing.

12. Recreate your network over phone talk with your extended family members and friends. Resolve disputes, if you have with anybody, by accepting your mistakes and recreate the relationships. Believe me it will be one of most positive things you can take from this period.

13. Create a list of must-watch movies and must-listen audios and complete one daily. This will enhance your knowledge and give you confidence.

14. Learn a new language like French, German, Tamil or Marathi along with your whole family and try to converse in it in your family.

15. Try to feed birds and/or animals from your rooftop or from your garden. 16. Try to minimise use of public utilities like supply water, electricity, gas etc.

17. Spread positivity with your smile, tell stories, recall your old memories and share with your family and also allow family members to share their stories and positive thoughts.

18. Keep a sharp eye on your & your family’s health. Keep your hands, body and clothes clean. Clean the clothes which you wear while going outside; keep those clothes outside and take bath when you enter home.

19. Prepare/ identify a place for quarantine or isolation for any member or person and make sure the place is equipped with necessities for at least 15 days.

20. Keep all important telephone numbers and local ambulances details and COVID-19 support team contacts with you. If possible, kindly create a small corona kit with mask, hand gloves, suit etc for an emergency.

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