Mike Pence Rejects Invoking 25th Amendment To Impeach Donald Trump


Washington: Even as the US House contemplated passing a resolution forcing Mike Pence to oust President Donald Trump earlier than expected, the US Vice-President said he won’t invoke the 25th Amendment or consider removing Trump from office.

“With just eight days left in the President’s term, you and Democratic Caucus are demanding that the Cabinet and I invoke the 25th Amendment. I do not believe that such a course of action is in the best interest of our Nation or consistent with our Constitution,” Pence wrote to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Pence also noted that he did not “yield to political pressure to exert pressure beyond my constitutional authority to determine the outcome of the election, and I will not now yield to efforts in the House of Representatives to play political games at a time so serious in the life of our Nation.”

The Vice-President also wrote that invoking the 25th Amendment “in such a manner would set a terrible precedent.”

US House Democrats had planned to vote to impeach President Donald Trump.

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