Mystery animal kills four more sheep in Cuttack village


Cuttack: The killing of sheep continues unabated with one more case being reported from Kurangapradhan village under Baranga block in Cuttack district on Friday.
According to available information, four sheep were found dead in the cattle shed of Jagu Mohammad this morning. Three of his sheep were injured in the attack by an unknown animal.
“Despite all measures by forest department, such cases keep pouring in from Niali and its nearby areas. Not only forest officials, the wildlife experts who recently visited the affected areas in the district have also failed to trap the predator. We will be forced to resort to protests if the sheep killer is not captured at the earliest,” said a villager.
As many as eleven sheep were reportedly found dead at Rayankapatna village near Ali Pingal in Jagatsinghpur district the previous day.

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