Now, Google Will Help You Overcome Stress Related To COVID; Know How

Google has chipped in during these troubled times, introducing tips on its search engine page to cope with stress as people reel under the COVID-19 pandemic.

On visiting the link, people can access numerous resources which could help them de-stress and take care of their mental health. During the pandemic, with almost zero outdoor activity, both adults and children have reportedly become more aggressive.

According to data available after research by public interest technologist Thejesh GN, activist Kanika Sharma and assistant professor of legal practice at Jindal Global School of Law Aman, there were 338 deaths, related to the lockdown, from March 19 to May 2 in India.

Suicide, fear of infection, loneliness, lack of freedom of movement and alcohol-withdrawal during the lockdown have resulted in non-coronavirus deaths.

Google’s initiative answers people’s query on stress and mental health and is expected to help people beat stress. During the pandemic, many people have lost their jobs and are going through financial crisis, all adding to the stress.

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