Odisha Combats COVID-19: SOP Issued For Shopping Malls In Rourkela

Rourkela: In line with the governmnent’s COVID-19 guidelines, Rourkela Municipal Corporation (RMC) on Monday issued the following standard operating procedure (SOP) for the functioning of the shopping malls in the city.

Prohibited Activities

—Food courts/eatery outlets on the mall premises shall not be opened.
—Gaming zones/gaming arcades/children play areas shall not be opened.
—Cinema halls/entertainment halls/fun zones of any kind shall remain closed.
—No promotional activities on the mall premises aiming at congregation of  customers/visitors.

General Conditions

—Social distancing of at least 6 feet to be maintained by the customers/visitors/staffers.

—Use of face masks/covers by customers/visitors/staffers are must. The mall authorities will ensure the orientation of staffers about the proper use of face mask/cover.

—Hand hygiene like frequent hand washing with soap(For 40 to 60 Seconds) or with alcohol-based hand sanitizer (for at least 20 seconds) of hands even if the hands are not visibly dirty to be practiced by all staffers.

—Coughing/sneezing etiquette like covering mouth and nose while coughing/sneezing or with a tissue/handkerchief/flexed elbow should be practised by all staffers and customers/visitors. The used tissue to be disposed of properly.

—Self-monitoring and self-reporting of illness by staffers to the mall authorities and subsequently to RMC for follow up action.

—Installation of “Arogya Setu App” shall be advised to all staffers and customers/visitors.

—At the entrance of the mall. there shall be mandatory thermal screening and sanitizer dispenser for use. After screening, only customers/visitors with no fever and no visible flu symptom will be allowed inside.

—Staffers/customers/visitors will only be allowed if they use a face cover/mask properly. They may be advised to use it properly at all times while inside the mall.

—The mall authorities should affix posters. erect standees at all conspicuous places on the premises on prevention measures about COVID-19 so that maximum visibility is ensured.

—The mall authorities should also make arrangements of AV media at different places inside the mall and display the COVID-19 prevention measures so that it catches the attention of most visitors/customers.

The mall authorities will take steps for the staggering of visitors and place adequate staffers to ensure social distancing of 6 Ft between two individuals.

—All staffers who belong to vulnerable groups like elderly employees. pregnant employees and employees having underlying medical conditions should preferably be advised to stay at home and encourage them to work from home. In case of pressing need, the mall authorities should take extra care by not exposing them to any frontline work requiring direct contact with the public.

—Appropriate social distancing may be adopted at the parking lot through proper crowd management on the mall premises. Staffers must also be deployed outside to ensure proper crowd management and social distancing. Valet Parking of any kind shall not be allowed.

—Shops/outlets within the malls shall ensure maintenance of social distancing at all times within their shops/outlets.

—Wherever there is possibility of making a queue both inside and outside of mall, the authorities shall do specific marking with at least 6 ft distance to maintain queue and ensure social distancing.

—The mall authorities shall make separate arrangements for entry and exit for customers/visitors and supply of goods/articles inside the mall building.

—If any outlet has the facility for home delivery of articles then the Home delivery staffs shall be screened thermally by the Mall authorities before allowing them for home delivery.

—The staffers handling supplies, inventories and goods shall handle them by wearing proper PPE kits. Disinfection of the area may be done frequently.

—The mall authorities and the retail outlets/shops inside the Mall shall allow that many customers/visitors inside their premises so that social distancing of 6Ft is possible and maintained.

—Seating arrangement if available inside and outside the Mall shall be done in a such a way that social distancing is maintained.

—Number of person inside elevators may be restricted so as to maintain social distancing norms. Elevator man may be placed outside every floor so that the button operation is confined to the operator only. Also, the liftman placed inside the elevator will only operate the buttons.

—The customers/visitors may be allowed to use escalators with alternate steps only so that distance is maintained.

—CPWD guidelines for air-conditioning/ventilation may be followed. Temperature setting may be maintained in the range of 24-30 degrees Celsius and humidity should be kept in the range of 40-70%. intake of fresh air and cross-ventilation should be adequate.

—Any kind of gatherings/congregations by customers/visitors or even for staffs are strictly prohibited.

—Effective and frequent sanitation within the premises shall be done within the premises. Deep cleaning and Sanitization of toilets/wash rooms are to be done frequently. For ensuring physical distance alternate urine pan may be activated for use. Besides, the disinfection of drinking water places and washing station area may also be done.

—Most touched surfaces like door knobs, elevator buttons, hand rails, benches, wash room fixtures to be disinfected with 1% sodium hypochlorite as often as possible. It is mandatory for disinfection in common areas as well as inside shops. elevators and escalators.

—The mall authorities shall make provision for proper disposal of used masks/face covers/gloves left by the customers/visitors and staffers.

—A separate room/enclosure may be identified as an isolation room/space preferably just outside/near the entrance of the Mall for isolation of suspected or person with SARI/III symptoms.

—In case a suspect case is found at the entrance of the Mall or inside the Mall premises then the following procedure to be adopted.

i. The person should be asked to move to an isolated area specifically marked for such purpose and will be asked to put on his mask/face cover properly.
ii. RMC to be contacted immediately for the shifting of the person for conduct testing.
iii.Disinfection of the places where he has visited may be undertaken immediately.

—Spitting inside any shopping malls is not permitted.

To enforce all COVID-19 protocols, all mall owners need to designate one responsible officer of his as COVID Compliant Officer and intimate the RMC. They will be notified by RMC as authorized officer as regards collection of fines from the person found spitting in public. This authorized officer will also be responsible for overall compliance of all COVID-19 related protocols.

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