Odisha’s Bakul Foundation Heralds Campaign To Gift Plants On Diwali

Bhubaneswar: City-based Bakul Foundation wants people to celebrate Diwali with a difference this time. It is running a campaign to encourage people to gift plants to their loved ones on the occasion.

Foundation volunteers are offering cane baskets and jute bags packaging for the plants for the purpose. There are flowering plants like Ixora or Toronia, medicinal plants such as Rama Tulasi, Insulin plant, and Ayappan.

Bakul Foundation chief S Mahapatra told ANI that it is important to plant more saplings at a time when the world is reeling under COVID-19.

“We give gifts to show that we care for the other person, and there cannot be a better way to show we care during this pandemic than by gifting a plant,” Mahapatra told ANI.

Mahapatra said that their initiative received a good response last year. They are hoping the numbers will increase this time.


“Last year in Diwali, we had a very good response, much better than previous years and 550 gift plants had been sold in Bhubaneswar. This year, we hope that people will gift plants in greater number though gifting may have reduced because it adds so much meaning during this pandemic,” he told ANI.

“Indoor plants for the desk or plants inside the house and in the balcony are so significant to have even if one does not have space for a garden. The more the greenery around oneself, inside the room, or in easy access to, the healthier one remains,” he said.

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