Sunday Poem: Light Green Eyes

As I gazed at your light green eyes,

You smiled and said,

“They could be misleading.”


Tumultuous has been your past.

At teens,

You had a romance and a boy;

As you grew older,

A partner, a broken heart and a second one;

With maturity,

You had a fugitive husband and a baby girl.

All within three decades.


“Brutal and cruel has been the time,” I remarked.

Tightening your embrace, you said:

“Regrets, I have none.

Listened to the heart’s song,

Pure, sincere and honest.

Lessons I learnt,

Experience, I gathered,

Vigour I earned

To go through the motion of life.”


As I kissed goodbye,

A thought passed by,

That could be the reason,

So profound are your light green eyes!

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