BMC Issues SOP For Management Of Home Isolation

Bhubaneswar: Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) officials have issued a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for management of home isolation of asymptomatic and mild symptomatic cases, on Saturday.

A COVID-19 positive patient from non-slum areas, who is asymptomatic or has mild symptoms, is permitted for home isolation. The patient must be clinically assigned as an asymptomatic/mild/very mild case for COVID-19 by the treating doctor.

A caregiver should be available for the patient to take care on 24×7 basis and there must be a communication link between the caregiver and the designated COVID-19 hospital.

The patient must have to regularly inform his health status to BMC for further follow up of the case.

Here are the details of persons who will not be allowed for home isolation:

– COVID positive patients suffering from immune-compromised status like HIV, Transplant recipients, Cancer therapy.

– Persons of more than 60 years of age with co-morbid conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease shall only be allowed for home-isolation after proper evaluation by treating doctor.

A COVID-19 positive patient during contact tracing will be asked about current health condition. After consent for home isolation, the nodal officer of home isolation management will send the zonal level RRT team for verification of the house and health condition of the patient.

Once the RRT team is satisfied with the health condition and adequateness of the house, he/she will intimate the nodal officer about it and obtain the undertaking in a prescribed format from the patient and the caregiver of the patient as well.

Other family members of the patient will also have to be kept in quarantine. The nodal officer will then submit the data to the quarantine monitoring call centre (1929) for regular follow up of the health condition of the patient. The patient’s home isolation will be over as per the discharge policy of Health & Family Welfare Department.

If a patient develops any serious symptoms during his home isolation, the caregiver should immediately inform 1929 and BMC medical nodal officer.

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